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Flight scheduling for the airline schedule planner.

The complete airline flight scheduling system.

Create, maintain and export any variety of schedules for any size airline.  OASIS is compliant with the latest version of SSIM, allowing quick and easy export to reservation systems or other airlines.

As you schedule your flights, the graphical nature of OASIS allows you to see how a schedule matches up against your fleet.  Add, change or delete flight legs with a few keystrokes.  Build connections within your schedule or with another airline's schedule.

Generate flows from your flight schedule with a click of button.  Drag-and-drop functions let you change the generated flows to fit specific requirements.  With OASIS, you have  three different views available for a schedule, each with its own separate window.

Choose from a number of specialized exports to send data to crew and operations systems.  Many reports are available, including departure counts, usage statistics, gate usage, timetables, market summaries, and many more.

Click on the buttons on the left to get an idea of the power of OASIS.  If you want a more personal look, send us a sample schedule.  We can load it and send you a  trial version that will convince you of its value.

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