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Starline Systems, Inc.  is a small company specializing in aviation software.  Our headquarters are in Manhattan Beach, California, a few miles south of Los Angeles International Airport.  

For the past fourteen years we have created programming solutions for clients around the world.  Our experience in airline software ranges from large payroll and accounting systems to maintenance and labor tracking programs.  We have also programmed scheduling tools for simulators and created customized timetables for several customers.   

Over the years we have worked on mainframe computers and minicomputers, but for the last ten years we've been focusing on personal computer networks and workstations.  We have experience with a wide variety of programming languages and databases.  

Currently, our focus is on OASIS, the airline scheduling system used by 30 airlines around the world.  It provides an easy interface for the scheduler, allowing flight input and route creation in as few steps as possible. 



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