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Connections can be generated within your own airline's schedule or  with another airline's schedule that you have loaded into OASIS.  The connection dialog screen allows you to alter the build process based on a minimum connect time, a maximum connect time, distance, number of stops, and connecting cities or city-pairs.

Double connections can be generated, if you select this option.  All connections, single and double, are compared with existing connections, and only the best connections are saved.  However, you may at your option elect to save all connections. 


You can delete a connection by selecting it from the list.  You can also add connections for unique circumstances by selecting the flights from one or more schedules.  All the connections and flight legs are displayed in list boxes, so the process is very quick and easy.


The connections in the file can be listed at any time.  Connections are also printed in the timetable and quick reference reports, and are used in some of the statistics reports. 

A list of missed connections can be also be generated, based on the missed connection time  parameter in the dialog screen.  This allows you to fine-tune your schedule, to perhaps change some flights by just a minute or two to allow more connections to be created.




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