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 The main export format is the SSIM format, the industry-wide standard used by CRS's and airlines around the world.  OASIS follows the specifications as set forth in Chapter 7 of the IATA Standard Schedules Information Manual.  You can extract any period of your schedule, and OASIS will, if you choose, split the periods at daylight savings time changes.  There is an option to create SSIM files that are a sub-set of your schedule, just for your code-sharing partners.

Crew and Flight Operations

Specialized leg and routing files for several crew planning systems are available.  In addition, OASIS has the ability to feed flight operations systems directly.  The onward flight field in the SSIM extract can also be used, although this is a less efficient means of passing the routing information.

SSM's and ASM's

Changes in your schedule can be exported as SSM's or ASM's.  The transactions are produced by comparing two versions of a schedule and generated according to the specifications in Chapters 4 and  5 of the IATA SSIM manual.


Slot clearance request messages are another export option.  The SCR's are for an entire schedule and follow the standards for new transactions in Chapter 6 of the IATA SSIM manual.   Slot requirements can also be compared with a schedule file, and exceptions and slot usage computed and reported. 

Custom Exports

There is a generic leg file export, containing all the information for each leg, which can be used as base for a customized program.  You can also use the Access data base as a source for export date.  And we can usually create individually customized export files if you have special requirements.


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