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Route Flow
Cost and Revenue

Flight Leg View

The essential flight information for all the flight legs in the schedule is displayed in a scrollable, adjustable  window in the lower part of the screen. Screen sample

Information can be changed by clicking on a field in the leg.  If timings are changed, the arrival or departure time will be changed to reflect information in the data base or existing block times.  Flights can be added by clicking to the left of any flight.  The new leg will be put in the proper sequence once you click the OK button.  Screen sample

More information on the flight will appear in the Extended Leg data window if you click to the right of the flight timings.  Screen sample

Station Leg View

Select any station and any date to display a chronological list of the flights for that city for that day.  The arrivals are on the left, the departures on the right, and ground times are shown in the middle.  By clicking on the ground time, a line will be drawn connecting the arriving flight with the departing flight.   Screen Sample 

You can navigate to any station or date by the buttons on the top, or by clicking on the arrival or departure stations on the display

Global changes

You can copy, delete, or merge entire schedules, or parts of schedules based on flight number ranges or date ranges.  You can import several types of files, from SSIM files to crew planning or operation extracts.

You can change dates and other fields throughout an entire schedule by using a single dialog box.  



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