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Route Flow
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OASIS is an integrated flight scheduling system for the schedule planner, using graphic displays throughout its structure.  OASIS uses Microsoft's Access data base to store its files.   It is network-compatible, using locking techniques to protect sensitive data and to keep two users from updating a schedule at the same time.

There are three views of a schedule available.  The primary one is the schedule view, which shows all the legs in the schedule in flight number order.  You may also select the station view, displaying the legs at a station in departure time order.   

The routing view displays the flights by aircraft line, drawing a box for each flight for each day flown.   The display of the routes can be customized to fit your individual requirements, showing on one screen a single day or multiple days for example.

The primary export format is as a SSIM file for a CRS or other airline, but there are also exports for crew planning systems, operations systems, and SCR's.  Customized exports can also be created.

There are over 30 reports included with the system.  Among them are statistics, departure counts, timetables, schedule and station listings, slot exceptions and usage, and cost reports.  If you have unique requirements, you can easily use Microsoft's Access to create your own from the Access data base.

The connection processing can be done against your own schedule or against another airline's schedule, and can be tuned using minimum and maximum times, connection length, and city combinations.  The resulting connections can be edited to add or deleted exceptional connections.

Costs and revenue for a schedule are based on rules that you establish.  Once data is entered for the rules, the cost and profit reports can be produced to show the bottom-line effect of a schedule.  

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