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Report Overview

All reports in OASIS are displayed in a report window, but any report can be extracted in text or rich text format for Microsoft's Word or other word processor.  You are also free to create your own reports from the Access database. 

All reports that print the arrival or departure times have the option of using local or UTC times, regardless of what time period you select for the system overall.  Also, all reports have a region field, so you can select just portions of your schedule, based on the city pairs you have assigned to the region selected.

There are over thirty reports available.  This is a sample of some of them.

Schedule Listings

The main report lists all legs in the schedule in flight number order.  There is an option to include extended information on this listing.  Additional schedule reports report the flights by station or by route. Schedule sample

Station Reports

Arrivals and departures at each station are printed in chronological order on these reports.  Covering either a day or an entire week, they allow each station to quickly see how the activity varies during the day, and, for the daily report, which flight the arriving flight turns to.   Station sample 

The Ground Time report shows the number of aircraft on the ground at each station at any time.  Other station-related reports include the market summary and station summary, providing other views of the activity for all the city pairs in the schedule.  Ground Time sample  


You can report  block hours, departures, available seats, segment length, utilization, and other categories.  The reports are available by the day, week, month, or for any date range you choose.  Statistics can be broken down by city pair or equipment type if desired.  There is also an extended statistics report that prints seats, block hours and departures through a twelve-month period. Statistics sample 

Departure counts are available by day of week, over any range that you choose.  You have some options in printing these reports;  you can summarize by fleet, you can summarize by city pair, or you can include both fleet and city pair breakdowns.  A summarized count of non-stop, direct and connections is also available as a total for a period for each city pair.  Departure sample


You can specify which fields to use on the timetable, and which order they should be in.  There are formatting options for the times, frequencies, and other fields.  The Quick Reference report prints flights into and out of a city, in a side-by-side format.  On both reports, connections are included if you have built them.  There is also an IATA draft report, for distribution at the scheduling conferences.  Timetable sample  

Other Reports

The comparison report compares two schedules, in a side-by side format showing the flight differences, or in a change listing that relates only to the new schedule. 

 Fuel reports provide a rough summary of projected fuel usage, by day, week or month.  

Slots entered in the station data base are compared against the schedule and can be shown as exceptions (flights without slots) or usage (percentage of the slot time used). 

 Traffic projections entered in the data base are compared against the available seats to give a projected load factor over periods of the schedule. 



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