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Route Flow
Cost and Revenue

Routing Calculation

A fully-dated routing flow can be created under several optimization techniques.  First-In First-Out will balance the flight legs over the time period selected.  Last-In First-Out will group the legs to provide as much ground time as possible.  You may also elect to force some legs together in specific patterns, and optimize the remaining schedule.

Routing View

The view of the routing flow can be adjusted to your own specifications.  The precision can be adjusted horizontally or vertically, and you can decide how much information you want to display by turning on or off the various options.  You can save several formats, which will allow you to quickly switch from a daily view to a weekly view.  The amount of information on your screen will also depend on the size and resolution of your monitor.  The samples here are condensed.  Full-screen display, especially on a 17-inch or larger monitor, will allow more routes or hours to be displayed:

    Basic flow, schedule on bottom

    Maximum information, one-day flow

    Five-day flow for long-haul fleet

Routing Changes

Once built, the routings are adjusted to accommodate changes you make in the flight schedule.   When you add legs, you can either insert them directly into the routings that have been built, or allow them to be added as new routes at the bottom of the routing display, for you to rearrange later. 

To alter the generated routings, click on a flight, drag it to the place where you want to make the new turn, and release the mouse button.  The change is made immediately.  You can change the turns of two different flights, or swap two set of flights, or move one or more flights from one route to another.  You can make any such change effective for the entire period of the routings, or just for a day or a frequency, by clicking on the appropriate toolbar button.




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